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2 Zimmer Appartment Berlin

Villa - Private room. Duro, Provincia del Azuay , Germany
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Vermiete meine Schöne 2 Zimmer Wohnung in Berlin am Alex
Zimmer Typ: private room
Betten Typ: futon
Personen: 3
Schlafzimmer: 2
Bäder: 2
pro Woche: $0
pro Monat: $0
Land: Germany
Stadt : Duro

Please no smoking inside the apartment and maybe take your shoes off when inside.

I know most of my neighbors and consider a bunch of them friends. I know they would appreciate it if you didn't blast loud music past 10pm or before 9am. You are free to have people over--just no raging parties and it would be best if you knew everyone that you invited. Obviously no strangers.

I have a large TV, computer, and most of my clothes in the apartment. If all of those things were left the way I left them, that would be great.

There's a garbage shoot and recycling cabinet in the hallway. In order to take the garbage out, you just drop it down the shoot. The plastic, glass, and metal goes in the cabinet. Overall I would like for you to have a general respect for the place.

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